Lotus Seafood, Inc. is an international fish and seafood market expert with global operations offering a wide range of frozen fish, seafood and chilled products from more than 20 countries to supply over 50 destinations worldwide.

Lotus Seafood Inc. has over 30 long-term partners and subsidiaries - seafood processors from South East Asian countries as well as both Americas and Europe.

Lotus products Quality is our clear priority. Lotus’s expertise guarantees we meet the highest standards demanded by our customers.

Lotus product safety and exact compliance with the agreed specifications are guaranteed by total inspection of all our shipments at three different stages of the production process.

Innovations and unique products are our signature style. We offer new products and are opening new markets. You can be the first with the new product on your market.

We guarantee you will like what you get!

Sincerely yours,
Lotus Seafood Inc.
International Team