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Founded in 2006, Lotus Seafood Inc is a seafood importing, exporting and sales company, with customers being primarily foodservice, distributors, retail chains and restaurants. Lotus Seafood offers direct sales throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, China and Europe. As of today we are sourcing, processing and distributing over 30,000 tons per year of frozen & fresh fish, shrimp raw and cooked and other seafood products from Asia, South America and Europe. From the very beginning Lotus Seafood has been placing emphasis on the sustainability of its products and in 2021 has been certified for the Marine Stewardship Council’s MSC/ASC Chain of Custody Standards, strengthening its commitment to the industry’s sustainability efforts. Through strong partnerships and fishery improvement projects Lotus Seafood is paving the way for others with respect to protecting the world’s waters and marine food sources for generations to come.