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Lotus Seafood Inc. is nearing completion of the construction of our exciting and “state of the art” frozen food production facility in Oceanside California. The facility will be managed by an affiliated company, Paradox Foods LLC and is slated to commence production of frozen ready meals in Q3 2021 featuring the first fully automated cooked IQF rice line in the USA with a projected capacity of 60 million pound per line per year. Unique technology and know-how will give the company a technological advantage for at least 5-7 years which will be the base for the successful growth of Lotus Seafood’s business.

The process utilizes advanced enforced steam cooking using purified water, heat and pressure and fully contactless generating many advantages, lower labor costs, consistent product quality with minimal amounts of rice breakage: 15% as opposed to existing norms of 55-60%, which means better texture and overall quality.

Due to its unique technology the line allows for all varieties of grain to be processed along with the ability to allow scrambled eggs to be added to the finished product. Lotus Seafood will be producing a wide range of ready frozen rice and grain meals, in own brand and under private label, with both seafood proteins and plant-based varieties, 100% gluten free, natural and chemical free ready for home cooking in microwaves or air fryer in a few minutes. The meals which contain 25% lower calories than other similar range products with 75% less fat than traditional fried rice, are rich in vitamins and minerals and are high in dietary fiber.