We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality, sustainable, and traceable seafood from environmentally and socially responsible sources.
We aim to improve transparency within our seafood supply chains; to protect the oceans; and to provide fair and equitable treatment for the people who depend on them for their livelihoods.

Lotus Seafood endeavors to source fish and seafood items that are:

– Certified by Marine Stewardship Council with Chain of Custody; and/or
– Green or Yellow rated by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program
– Engaged in fishery improvement projects making measurable and time-bound progress.

Additionally we prioritize suppliers that:

– Have a public responsible sourcing policy and participate in initiatives which work to address environmental impact, social responsibility, and traceability
– Are members of the International Pole & Line Foundation
– Are International Seafood Sustainability Foundation participating companies.

Seafood Traceability

We recognize that traceability in seafood supply chain is essential in ensuring that our seafood is sourced from the legal and verifiable sources. We are committed to implementing industry best practices in traceability and working with our seafood suppliers to adopt more robust traceability systems.

Seafood Traceability

We will continue to work toward industry best practices in traceability, including standardized data collection, verification practices, and robust traceability systems for our seafood products and supply chains. We will publicly report on our annual progress regarding these efforts.

Social Responsibility

We respect the fundamental human rights and dignity of individual workers, as stated in the International Bill of Human Rights. We expect our seafood suppliers to adopt and comply with comprehensive, transparent and verifiable supply chains that are free of human trafficking and forced labor. We continue collaborative efforts with suppliers and other organizations to work toward industry best practices for reducing human trafficking and forced labor risks in seafood supply chains. We will publicly report on our annual progress in these areas.

Policy Engagement

We understand that strong policy and management at local, state, national and international levels is critical to long-term sustainability and socially responsible seafood production. Accordingly, we will engage in policy and management reform initiatives that lead to positive social, economic and environmental outcomes in fisheries and aquaculture production.

Our Suppliers’ Commitment

– Comply with Responsible Seafood Policy; – Demonstrate that products are traceable and are from legal, verifiable sources; – Communicate key data elements upon request; – Implement procedures to monitor supply chains and all labor involved; – Reduce the environmental impacts associated with wild fisheries and aquaculture production.

Reduction of Single-use Packaging Waste and Pollution

– Transitioning polystyrene / styrofoam packaging and shipping materials to materials that can be recycled, reused or industrially composted; – Increasing recycled content in consumer-facing and operational packaging; – Adopting business practices or joining initiatives to address lost, discarded or abandoned fishing gear in the oceans.

Reasonable Care Guidelines for Forced Labor

We ensure that all imported products comply with the Reasonable Care Guidelines issued by US CBP, which includes, but is not limited to, the following: – Knowing the workers, location, and labor conditions under which the imported goods are made; – Vetting new suppliers/vendors for forced labor risks through questionnaires or other means; – Establishing a reliable procedure for conducting periodic internal audits to check for forced labor in supply chains.



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